Parliament to vote on road transport reform proposals 

On Thursday, MEPs will vote on rules to tackle illegal practices in the road haulage sector and amend rules on drivers’ rest time.

To allow for plenary to vote on the proposals, the EP Transport Committee was asked to filter some 1200 amendments introduced during March plenary session, in a vote on 2 April (Rule 175).

The proposals aim to improve enforcement of rules in the road transport sector to better tackle illegal practices, such as use of letterbox companies or illegally operating outside domestic markets.

They would also define for which transport operations the rules on posting of workers, such as those on minimum wage, should apply and they would amend drivers’ rest time rules.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure, first reading

2017/0121(COD), 2017/0122(COD), 2017/0123(COD)

Debate: Wednesday, 27 March

Vote: Thursday, 4 April