Safer roads: Life-saving technologies to be fitted in new vehicles 

Safety features such as intelligent speed assistance and advanced emergency-braking system will have to be installed in new vehicles as from May 2022.

New cars, vans, trucks and buses will have to be equipped with safety features aiming to save lives, according to a new law to be voted on by MEPs on Tuesday, already informally agreed with EU ministers.

One of those compulsory features is the Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) system, which could reduce fatalities on EU roads by 20%, according to estimates. ISA will provide a driver with feedback, based on maps and road sign observation, when they exceed the speed limit. The system is not a speed limiter and the driver will be able to switch it off.

Other life-saving systems to be introduced in new vehicles include advanced emergency breaking, advanced driver distraction warning, emergency lane keeping, reversing detection system, alcohol interlock installation facilitation, emergency stop signal and event data recorder (“black box”).

In 2018, around 25.100 people died on EU roads and 135.000 were seriously injured, according to preliminary figures published by the Commission.

Procedure: Co-decision, 1st reading agreement


Vote: Tuesday, 16 April

Press conference: Tuesday, 16 April, at 16.00