Protecting whistle-blowers: new EU-wide rules whistleblowers 

Those disclosing information acquired in a work-related context, on illegal or harmful activities, will be better protected, under new EU rules.

The new rules, agreed between EP negotiators and EU ministers and put to a vote on Tuesday, lay down new, EU-wide standards to protect whistle-blowers. They would create safe channels for reporting on breaches of EU law (within companies and to public authorities), safeguards against retaliation, such as intimidation or harassment, and support measures, such as legal aid and access to information on procedures and remedies.

Recent scandals, from LuxLeaks to Panama Papers and Cambridge Analytica, have demonstrated how important whistle-blowers’ revelations are to detect and prevent breaches of EU law harmful to the public interest and the welfare of society.

Procedure: ordinary legislative procedure


Debate: Monday, 15 April

Vote: Tuesday, 16 April

Press conference Tuesday, 16 April, at 15.00 with rapporteur Virginie Rozière (S&D, FR)