New CO2 emissions limits for lorries  

On Thursday, MEPs will vote on new legislation to regulate CO2 emissions for lorries in the EU.

As the first ever regulation on CO2 emissions for lorries in the EU, the new law will set a reduction target of 30% CO2 emissions for new lorries by 2030, along with an intermediate target of 15% by 2025.

Provisions have been added to incentivise manufacturers to invest in cleaner alternatives to diesel trucks . They will need to ensure that zero- and low-emission vehicles represent a 2% market share of the sales of new vehicles by 2025.

The European Commission will also have to propose new post-2030 targets, in line with the Paris Agreement, in 2022.

Procedure: Ordinary legislative procedure

Procedure Code: 2018/0143 (COD)

Debate: Wednesday 17 April

Vote: Thursday 18 April