Consumers to be better protected against misleading and unfair practices 

Updates to EU consumer protection rules, to tackle misleading rankings in online marketplaces and dual quality of products, will be put to a vote on Wednesday.

Online marketplaces and comparison services (e.g. Amazon, eBay, AirBnb, Skyscanner) will have to disclose the main parameters that determine how offers resulting from a search query are ranked. Consumers will have to be clearly informed about whether they are buying goods or services from a trader or from a private person, so they know what protection they will benefit from if something goes wrong.

This new law, provisionally agreed with EU ministers, also deals with the issue of so-called “dual quality of products”, i.e. when products that are marketed under the same brand differ in composition or characteristics. The text includes a review clause requiring the Commission to assess the situation two years after the date of entry into application of the directive, to see whether dual quality of products needs to be added to the “blacklist” of unfair commercial practices.

This legislation amends four existing consumer rights’ directives; on Unfair Commercial Practices, on Consumer Rights, on Unfair Contract Terms and on Price Indication. It is part of the “New Deal for Consumers” package.

Procedure: Co-decision, 1st reading agreement


Debate: Tuesday, 16 April

Vote: Wednesday, 17 April