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06-06-2014 - 09:54

To help media professionals with their research, the Hotline can provide journalists with relevant and in-depth information, without intervening in their editorial decisions.

The Audiovisual unit's Hotline helps journalists find specific information for news reports or programmes about Europe.

The Hotline's press officers are dynamic, speak several languages and have a thorough knowledge of the European institutions. They have a background in journalism and understand the needs of the broadcast media. They can respond rapidly to requests for information to meet filing deadlines.

A national angle

The Hotline puts a premium on information that has an impact at both European and national level, focussing on topical European issues that influence national agendas.

We provide journalists with regular briefings on upcoming events such as meetings of parliamentary committees, delegations, press conferences, extraordinary meetings, visits by Heads of State and Government.

In the case of special events that will have repercussions at both European and national level, we contact the media by phone or e-mail.

On request, we can also produce profiles of individual MEPs, detailing their areas of expertise, language skills and other relevant information.

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Hotline newsdesk
Olivier AMORY
Isabelle ZERROUK
France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary
Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland
Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland
Portugal, Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria