Group and individual visits to the EP 

The European Parliament receives over 300,000 visitors every year from the EU and beyond. Most bring a visit to the main buildings of Parliament, where they can meet MEPs, listen to lectures and take a look in the plenary chamber. Since 2011, visitors can also go to the Parlamentarium, next to the main building, free of charge and open seven days a week. The Parlamentarium is an interactive visitors’ centre including a 360o video showing how Parliament works and the possibility to role-play a European politician. In May 2017, the House of European History opened its doors, which tries to give a better understanding of 20th Century developments across the European continent.

Visitors to the Parliament chamber mainly come as part of one of the around 7000 groups, either by invitation of a MEP or independently. All groups are welcomed by civil servants who give an informative talk on the work and role of the European Parliament. The visits also include a dialogue with one or two Members of Parliament and a visit to the Hemicycle’s gallery. Groups invited by MEPs receive a financial subsidy by the Parliament, as a contribution to the payment of travel cost and meals.

The European Parliament is also open to individual visitors who come by without a prior invitation. They are offered a visit with audio-guide to the public gallery of the European Parliament's plenary chamber at designated times and on specific days. It’s also possible to visit the hemicycle in Strasbourg, which is home to most of the plenary sessions.

The Strasbourg premises of Parliament also host the student programme of Euroscola, which offers thousands of students between 16 to 18 years old the experience of being a member of parliament for a day.