Workers posted abroad should get better protection, say employment MEPs  


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Workers are often posted abroad to help fill temporary shortfalls in sectors such as construction ©BELGA/AFP/C.STACHE 

The employment committee has called for better protection for the one million workers posted in another European country by their employers every year. These posting are essential to fill temporary shortfalls in sectors such as construction, transport and agriculture, but MEPs fear it could leave these workers open to abuse. Danuta Jazłowiecka, a Polish member of the EPP group who wrote the report, explained the aim was to guarantee people's rights and ensure best use of the single market.

Companies sometimes use posted workers to circumvent employment laws by setting up so-called letter-box companies in countries with lower levels of employment and social protection. To prevent this, MEPs have come up with a check-list to help member states trace these companies. They also want postings to apply for a limited period only.

In addition the committee insists on tougher controls on these companies and calls for workers to be better informed about their rights. The rights of people employed by subcontractors should also be strengthened.

MEPs are expected to vote on the recommendations during the October plenary.