Infographic: the fight against unemployment 


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The youth guarantee, an invigorated Erasmus programme and making it easier for people to work abroad - the Parliament is doing everything it can to help people find a job, especially young people. More than 26 million people and some 25% of young people are out of work in the EU. Check out our interactive infographic about the employment situation in the EU.

“We think this is a question of survival for our democratic system,” EP president Martin Schulz said at the opening of Agora 2013. More than 50 young people from all over Europe attended the event in Brussels on 6-8 November to discuss new ways to combat youth unemployment. It followed the ReAct event in Paris on 15 October, when experts and business leaders gathered to share ideas on how to boost employment.

Check out our infographic to find out the current unemployment situation in Europe, but also what job opportunities there are and what the EU is doing to alleviate the situation.