The Newshub: a new tool to follow EP politics as they happen 


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The Newshub will make it easier to keep up to date with MEPs and the Parliament  

The newly launched EP Newshub has combined 754 MEPs, seven political groups, one president and a smattering of institutional news to create a single unmissable page of constantly updated Parliament news. Read more on what it is and how it works and then visit and enjoy it.

The EP Newshub is a new instant news service from the European Parliament, gathering in one single place all web information published by MEPs, political groups, the president and the Parliament's news service.  

Greek Social-Democrat Anni Podimata, vice-president for communication, said: "The EP Newshub represents for citizens a window wide open on our parliamentary work. This window is one of the innovative tools that will allow members of the Parliament to develop a two-way communication with our citizens and encourage them to establish stronger relations with their representatives."

Austrian Christian Democrat Othmar Karas, vice-president for communication, said: "It is not only about disseminating information, but also about listening to the concerns and thoughts of people. That's how we can act best as the voice of over 500 million citizens. Moreover, we show once more that we strive for being the most transparent and open parliament in the world."

What does it mean in concrete terms?

On one single page you can now follow in almost real time everything MEPs from your country are saying on the web.

Or follow the political group of your choice.

Or look for trending topics among what MEPs and political groups are discussing.

Or look for a specific topic and see what MEPs are saying about it.

Just go and try!

Discover the EP Newshub by clicking on the link on the right. You can also join the discussion on it on our LinkedIn page.

The EP Newshub in a nutshell 
  • Live 
  • Political 
  • Customisable 
  • 700+ sources aggregated 
  • Various platforms represented (blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr)