Erasmus and investment in worst hit countries at risk, warns budget committee chairman 

The budgets committee voted on a series of amendments concerning the 2013 EU budget 

Insufficient resources for the EU budget is putting at risk European action in the member states, including investment in the countries worst hit by the crisis and flagship programmes such as Erasmus, Alain Lamassoure, chairman of the EP's budget committee warned. The French Christian Democrat MEP stressed that the situation must not only be rectified this year, but also next year.

"We have not foreseen in the 2012 budget enough credit payments ... so the cohesion funds are at risk, also the European Social Fund and the Erasmus and life-long learning programmes, and even the research and innovation programmes," Mr Lamassoure said after the committee had voted to reject the severe cuts to the 2013 EU budget requested by the EU council .

The vote in the budget committee is part of the ongoing, difficult negotiation between Parliament, Commission and Council for next year's budget just as the gap in 2012 financing is becoming obvious. Mr Lamassoure added: "We absolutely need to get the appropriate level for the credit obligations in order to follow up on these programmes that are at risk."