Panoramic view: take a look behind the scenes of Parliament from every angle 

Take a panoramic tour of the Parliament in Brussels 

If you missed your chance to visit Parliament when it opened its doors to the public in Brussels on 4 May, you now get to have another opportunity. We have created a 360° panoramic virtual tour of the whole event. It will be just like being there in person, except you will have access to added videos and slideshows. Experience the excitement of the open day without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Follow the red arrows to observe the different bands or take a look at the activities, the exhibition area and MEPs debating a citizens' Europe. Check our Flickr photo album, EPTV reportage and  even a movie trailer from the screening in the Yehudi Menuhin space. It is all accessible from inside the virtual tour by clicking on the three orange i-boxes.

Nearly 20,000 people attended the open days of the European institutions in Brussels on 4 May. There will be another opportunity on Sunday 19 May when Parliament opens its doors to the public in Strasbourg.