“US must justify why they treat us like enemies” - Martin Schulz in Facebook interview  


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Spying scandal, hardship in European countries and falling support for the EU - Enrico Santus, Georgina Athanasiou and Virginia Paya didn't shy away from asking hard questions when they had the chance to interview EP president Martin Schulz. They won the unique opportunity to interview him on 3 July in Strasbourg after taking part in a competition on our Facebook page. Check out the video to see how it went and read the article to find out Mr Schulz's responses to their hard-hitting questions.

Enrico Santus (Italy): Recently, the European Union was involved in the “Data-Gate” scandal [the US has allegedly been spying on EU premises]. How can we react to this offence?

I understand that the Americans want to fight terrorism. But I don’t know that in the office of the European Parliament in Washington, terrorist attacks are being prepared. Therefore it is not necessary to put microphones in. If it is true, they must justify why they treat their nearest allies like enemies.

Georgina Athanasiou (Cyprus): What is Parliament planning to do about measures of the non-elected Troika, which has resulted in so much unemployment and misery in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal?

The Troika cares only about budgetary discipline and cuts. They have no plan for growth and investment. But we will never regain stability in the public budgets if we only cut. Public budgets can only be restructured by more revenue.

Virginia Paya (Spain): Public support for the EU has never been as weak as today. What should the EP do about this?

I want to repeat a question I raised in the European Council on 27 June. I said to the prime ministers, chancellors, presidents around the table: if people are losing trust in the European Union – and this is true, they are losing trust – and you are the most powerful body of the European Union, do you have something to do with this mistrust?