The power to decide what happens in Europe 


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Take on the present and shape the future 

As times are changing, so are we. Since the last European elections, the rules of the game have changed. The European Parliament now has more power, both to set the political direction of Europe and over the day-to-day decisions which affect us all. A more powerful European Parliament means more influence for everyone, more ability to deal with our problems, more ability to change what needs changing, more assertiveness to conserve what we want to keep.

Europe faces great challenges. Meeting them won’t be easy, and choices have to be made. The changes made to the system were designed to ensure that we, the citizens of Europe, have more say over those choices. Not just when we go to the ballot box, but as decisions are taken, day in, day out. The European Parliament now decides on the European laws that affect you, across the board. On how your money is spent from the EU (European Union) budget, across the board. We must agree to the financing of the EU for years to come, looking at the collective interest of Europeans. And after the next elections it is your parliament who will elect the head of Europe’s executive, based on your wishes, as expressed in these elections. This time it’s different. Together we now have more power to make a difference. The European Parliament and you. Together we can act, react and have an impact.


These are turbulent times in the history of Europe. For many people in Europe, these are hard times. As times have changed, so have we. The European Parliament now has more power in shaping Europe than ever before. And that gives you more power to make things happen. You can influence the decisions that touch your own life as well as the lives of over 500 million people. You can start something or end something. Ask for more or ask for less. You can act and take all matters big and small into your own hands. Choose which Europe you want. In the end, you decide what happens. Or doesn’t happen.

The European Parliament represents each and every one of you and acts on your behalf. Our decisions are based on what matters to you. No, not everything can happen overnight, but one thing is for sure: together we can get it done.


You can make a real difference. Hold on to what’s worth keeping, change what needs changing. Or question and criticise. Share your thoughts and react. The European way is not about one vision or one goal; it’s about giving every opinion a fair chance.

The European Parliament is here to react to your demands and to fight for the things you really care about. Our job is to listen to the multitude of voices in Europe and provide real answers. We will face every challenge and offer solutions that make sense.


Through the European Parliament, you have more power than you think. You make a direct impact on everyone’s future and more importantly: on your own and on the future of the next generations too. Each of your actions and reactions ultimately lead to results. The decisions we make together have an impact on the day-to-day life of over half a billion European citizens.

The European Parliament’s responsibility is to make it work for everyone, including you. Not just to make a real difference for you, but with you. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.