ReAct Warsaw 

From the price of energy to the safety of your data online: much depends on how much influence the EU is able to wield outside Europe. How this influence should be increased and used will be discussed at ReAct Warsaw on 14 November. The event organised by the European Parliament will focus on the EU's relationship with its neighbours in the east, the competitiveness of the European energy market and data protection.

Former EP president Jerzy Buzek, a Polish member of the EPP group, will do the introduction and welcome at the conference. Speakers include Elżbieta Kaca, an analyst at the Polish International Affairs Institute; Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, the former president of the Polish Oil & Gas Company; and Adam Bodnar, the vice-president of the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights.

ReAct Warsaw is the second in a series of five interactive conferences on subjects vital to the EU, ahead of the European elections in May 2014. They take place in different European cities where opinion leaders will share their ideas about today's issues. The first event in Paris in October was dedicated to boosting employment.