Become our guest photographer! 

If photography is a passion of yours, we'd like to invite you to take part in our photography contest. During the coming months we will announce different topic once a month until the European elections in May. Send us your photo and you might be the winner of the month and have your photo published on our site. One of these monthly winners will be invited to Strasbourg in July to do a full photo reportage on the newly elected parliament.

How to take part

You can submit your photo and entry form via email. The deadline for the fifth topic "On the way to vote - election day" is Sunday 25 May at midnight CET. For this theme you are invited to send in from one up to five photos. The jury winner of the best photo(s) will be announced on Friday 6 June.

Among the submitted photos, an editorial committee will select the ten best entries and then pick the winner of the month. This will automatically make them a finalist for the jury prize. At the same time, the ten best photos will be showcased on our social media pages where everyone can vote for their favourite. The most liked photo and the person who took it will then be awarded a public prize. Both of these photographers will be invited to the first sitting of the newly elected chamber after the European elections in May, where they will get the chance to create their own photo-reportage of the event.

The jury winner for the April topic of plastic bags is Gábor Szellő. The article on this topic, to be illustrated by the winning photo, was published on 24 April.

The public winner nominees are waiting for your likes! Click on the links on the right to vote for your favourite!


Send your photo and application form to the following address: For more details on the rules, photo requirements and copyright conditions please click on the links on the right. Happy clicking!