Inspiring young Europeans at EYE2014 

Young people will have the chance to discuss issues important to them during EYE2014 

Participants at the European Youth Event (EYE2014) will not only be able to discuss their ideas with business leaders and decision makers, but they will also have the chance to meet last year's Charlemagne Youth Prize winners. As part of EYE2014, thousands of young Europeans will meet in Strasbourg on 9-11 May to participate in workshops, hearings, debates and discussions organised by the European Parliament and its partners.

For the last five years, the most creative and innovative projects made by young Europeans have been honoured by the annual Charlemagne Youth Prize (CYP). The award, organised by the European Parliament and the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen, aims to foster the development of European integration, a shared European identity and to serve as an inspiration for young people living across Europe. Prizes for the best projects range between €2,000 and €5,000.

The 2014 edition has been another success with 370 projects applying for the award. Winning projects will be announced shortly after the elections on 27 May.

During EYE2014, the Charlemagne winners from 2013 will be involved in two panels to present their projects and take part in the discussion on what Europe should look like by 2020, while also debating with participants the importance of having an intergenerational dialogue.

Only two weeks are left before 5,000 people from across Europe meet in Strasbourg for EYE2014. Applications came from every EU member state as well as from across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Most participants are from universities and youth associations. However, about 20% are under 18 and primarily from secondary schools.