European elections: choose who’s in charge 


Many tough decisions have been taken as a result of the economic crisis in Europe these last few years and many more still need to be taken. What direction should Europe take? How should future challenges be tackled? On 22-25 May you have the chance to have your say on how Europe should be run. Watch the official EP TV spot for the upcoming elections to find out more.

In this election you will have more power than ever before as for the first time ever the new president of the European Commission will be selected based on the results of the European elections. So your choice at the ballot box will directly affect who runs the EU’s executive body.

More than 90 TV channels in 21 member states have already agreed to show the TV spot for free in the run up to the elections. It will be shown in all of the EU’s official 24 languages as well as in Luxembourgish, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Welsh and Turkish.