Find out more about the European Parliament by visiting our open day 

As Europe enters the final week before the European elections, the European Parliament in Brussels opens its doors to the public on Saturday 17 May. Join us to find out more about how the world's second largest democratic assembly functions, but also to meet the political groups and take part in debates in the parliamentary chamber. If in Brussels, do not miss this chance for a peek behind the scenes.

The doors of the Parliament are open between 10.00 and 17.30 CET. You will have the opportunity to visit the newly renovated hemicycle. The seven political groups will have information stands where you are able to meet MEPs and hear their political objectives for the next electoral term: the perfect opportunity to make up your mind about who best represents your opinions and your hopes for the future.

At the stands of the various directorates-general you canlearn more about the inner workings of Parliament. At the beginning of the day you will receive a "passport" - a booklet in Dutch, English, French and German - that will guide you throughout the day. You will also be invited to participate in the Open Doors Quiz.

In addition you are also able to meet Belgian MEPs. In addition you can visit the visitors centre's exhibition on past European elections.