The best pictures of our guest photographer contest can be admired in the EP building in Strasbourg until September 

"Nowadays" from Gábor Szellő and "We want free landscape" from Alessandra Giansante were selected as the top entries of the Parliament's guest photographer contest. These works are exhibited alongside those of other contest winners on the Parliament grounds in Strasbourg until September.

The Parliament ran a guest photographer contest from January to May. Every month a new topic was selected based on one of the issues dealt with during plenary sessions, such as cars emissions, tobacco, pension rights, plastic bags as well as the European elections in May. Using our website and social media, we then invited people to send us their photos using that month's theme as their inspiration.

The two overall winners were Gábor Szellő and Alessandra Giansante. Mr Szellő was selected by a panel of experts, while Ms Giansante was chosen on the basis of the number of "likes" her work received on the Parliament's social media platforms


Both have been invited to the Parliament in Strasbourg to explore the building armed with their cameras. Their work there will be published on our Facebook and Flickr pages on Friday.