How the EP president and vice-presidents get elected 

Find out how the president and vice-presidents get elected in our infographic 

The Parliament's key post will be decided on 1 and 2 July when MEPs elect the president, vice-presidents and quaestors. Check out our infographic for more information about the elections procedures and follow it live on our website.

The president and the 14 vice-presidents will get elected on 1 July. If the one for the vice-presidents takes longer, it could also continue the following day. Nominations for the EP president have to be in by 19.00 CET on 30 June. Each candidate for the position of EP president will give a five-minute president at 10.00 CET on 1 July before the vote takes place.

Candidates for president, vice-president or quaestor can be proposed by either a political groups or by a minimum of 40 MEPs. The five quaestors, who are responsible for administrative and financial matters directly affecting MEPs, are elected on 2 July.

Follow the elections live from 10.00 CET on 1 July by clicking on the link on the right.