New EFDD co-chair David Borrelli: Giving people the opportunity to choose 


An old group with a new name and a new co-president: David Borrelli, an Italian member of “Movimento 5 Stelle”, has become one of the two co-presidents of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group, alongside British MEP and UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The priorities of EFDD, according to its new co-president Borrelli, are strongly reflected in its new name: “We believe that we embody this new trend of giving citizens the opportunity to choose.”

Among the priorities for the next legislative term, Borrelli highlights the economy and revision of the EU treaties: “We’ll try to get information out, to make it available to all our citizens, so that they will also be able to get involved." Watch the video to learn more about EFDD politics and the cooperation between Italian and British members of the group.

As a co-president of EFDD, Borrelli will be a member of the conference of presidents. He will also be a member of the international trade committee and the industry, research and energy committee. 

Born in 1971 in Treviso, this is the first time Borrelli has been selected as a MEP as a representative of Movimento 5 Stelle, an Italian party founded by Beppe Grillo.