The first plenary session in Strasbourg was covered by two photographers, who won our guest photographer contest. Gábor Szellő, a freelance photographer from Hungary, was the jury winner, while Alessandra Giansante, an Italian graphic designer/photographer, was the public winner. We asked them for their impressions.

Gábor Szellő

Strasbourg was buzzing these days and not only because of the recent French football victory: on 1  July, 751 MEPs started their mandate. Through my photographs I not only wanted to show one of the EU's most important events, but I also wanted to document the everyday work that has been done in this monumental building. I hope that in the coming five years the decisions taken here will be beneficial for the young member states.

Alessandra Giansante

Upon my arrival at the European Parliament, the first thing that struck me was that everything became gigantic, there was a lot of everything: a lot of people, a lot of windows, a lot of chairs, a lot of languages and a lot of thoughts.

The slideshow shows a selection of their photos. Click on the links on the right to see the full reportage on Flickr and Facebook.