Find out more about how the president of the European Commission gets elected 

The fate of the next president of the European Commission will be decided on Tuesday 15 July at 12.30 CET when MEPs are asked to vote on the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker. The former Luxembourg prime minister was proposed by the member states following the European elections. Check out the infographic for more information about the election procedure and follow the plenary live.

Juncker was the EPP's candidate for the post during this year's European elections. As the EPP won the highest numbre of seats in the Parliament, the heads of state and government in the European Council proposed Juncker for the post. However for his appointment to go ahead, he will need to convince at least 376 out of 751 MEPs to support his bid.

To  secure the needed votes, Juncker met with all of the Parliament's political groups last week and answered questions on his plans and priorities for the work of new European Commission.

On Tuesday 15 July, Juncker will make a short statement at 10.00 CET, which will be followed by a debate with the leaders of the political groups. The vote by secret ballot will take place at 12.30 CET. Follow it live by clicking on the link on the right.