The European Parliament is also present on Foursquare  

An abandoned rail road, a sand castle and a secret Soviet bunker... Last year Parliament asked you to discover Europe with the help of our list of 28 little-known attractions, one per member state. This year, we are making a tradition of it and asking you to re-discover Europe once again with our new Foursquare tip list.

Foursquare is a mobile application for networking that allows you to connect with friends and get great tips on what’s good or bad about the locations where you are and where you can leave your own tips for other users.

Now you can also use it to re-discover Europe. Repeating last year’s Discover Europe initiative, we have created a new tip list of 28 gems within the EU that you are unlikely to have heard of.

From the great outdoors and natural phenomena to sand sculptures and open air museums covering entire villages, save our Foursquare list and learn about and - why not -  visit many of Europe's lesser-known top destinations this summer.