EYE hearings: from fresh ideas to new initiatives 

EYE 2014 opening ceremony in Strasbourg 

Thousands of young people took part in the European Youth Event (EYE) at the European Parliament in Strasbourg last May with the aim of producing ideas for a better Europe. Some of the participants will now present these ideas to seven parliamentary committees to serve a source of inspiration for new EU initiatives.

The EYE hearings kick off today with a presentation to the employment and social affairs committee. The hearings will continue in January with presentions to six other committees: constitutional affairs; foreign affairs; culture and education; environment, public health and food safety; civil liberties; justice and home affairs; and industry, research and energy.

How to follow the hearings

All of the hearings will be shown live online on http://epfacebook.eu/EYEHearings and you are also able to join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #EYEHearings. MEPs will also be able to see your comments as tweets will be displayed on a live twitter wal during hearings.

To stay updated on EYE, follow @EP_YouthEvent on Twitter.

About EYE

The EYE event took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 9-11 May 2014, to serve as a forum on issues such as youth unemployment, the digital revolution, the future of the EU, sustainability and European values. It was attended by 6,000 Europeans aged 16 to 30. The ideas produced during the event were collected in an ideas map and a report, which were handed over to Parliament in July 2014.