Get up close with the EP thanks to unique 360° photo 


Short of becoming an MEP, it can be difficult to know what it is really like during a plenary session. But to give you an idea of how it feels to sit in Strasbourg, MEPs posed for a unique 360° picture of the chamber. By zooming in or out, you can see everyone who attends the sessions, including EP president Martin Schulz and representatives from the Council and the Commission. Can you spot your MEP?

The plenary chamber in Strasbourg is where MEPs make most of the decisions that affect the lives of Europeans everywhere. Our 360° photo, available in the About Parliament section of our website, is a unique opportunity to see the hemicycle up close.

This new panorama of the eighth European Parliament has been expanded with two extra functionalities compared to the last panorama published two years ago.


As you move your cursor along the rows of MEPs, each one is identified by name… You can also customize your own panorama when sharing it on social media, by having it start on a particular MEP of your choice.

Here’s how: move into the position you want, zoom in or out on whom you want to highlight. Then just press “L” on your keyboard. A new URL will then be created of this “starting-point” which you are then free tweet, Facebook or embed.

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