Registrations for Parliament's European Youth Event (EYE) are now open and the first programme has also been released. The first edition took place in May 2014 when thousands of young Europeans discussed the future of Europe at the Parliament in Strasbourg before submitting concrete proposals to parliamentary committees.

The event's motto is “Together we can make a change”. On 20-21 May 2016 7,000 people between 16 and 30 years from all over Europe will gather in Strasbourg to discuss current European issues. Like before, only group registrations are accepted until 31 January 2016 or until the maximum capacity of 7,000 participants has been reached.

The programme already features more than 50 activities, but more will become available as EYE partners and youth groups add workshops and other events. Groups will be able to register their activities from March 2016.

EYE 2016 will focus on five themes:

  • War and Peace: Perspectives for a Peaceful Planet
  • Apathy or Participation: Agenda for a Vibrant Democracy
  • Exclusion or Access: Crackdown on Youth Unemployment
  • Stagnation or Innovation: Tomorrow's World of Work
  • Collapse or Success: New Ways for a Sustainable Europe

Irish EPP member  Mairead McGuinness, Parliament Vice-President and patron of EYE, said it was going to be a significant event: "Thousands of young people are going to come here to Strasbourg. I am really excited about it."

French S&D member Sylvie Guillaume, Parliament Vice-President and patron of EYE, encourages young people to take part: "It's their opportunity to say what they think about Europe and how it should evolve."

More information on EYE and its programme can be found on the website and on social media with the hashtag #EYE2016.

Click on the videos on the right for a message from Mairead McGuinness (top) and Sylvie Guillaume (bottom).