Read about Parliament's President and Vice-Presidents' hopes for the new year  

Every year comes with new hopes and dreams and with renewed determination to pursue them. At the very end of 2015, we asked leading MEPs about their wishes for 2016. All of us at the European Parliament would like to join them in wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!

Martin Schulz (Germany, S&D)

A difficult year for many parts of Europe has come to an end.  It is one from which I hope that we, and especially our leaders, are able to learn from and put that learning to good use in 2016.  The new year is an opportunity to start afresh, finding once again the security and peace we had learnt to take for granted. I wish you and your family a successful and peaceful 2016.

Antonio Tajani (Italy, EPP)

2015 was a year of challenge for Europe, challenge to the values that underpin our society: freedom, tolerance, the respect for fundamental rights. This challenge has strengthened us in our convictions, our identity, our awareness of our history. I hope that in 2016 this challenge will be met not only by us, but also by all those in the world that are at risk, persecuted for their beliefs, their ideas and their respect for freedom.

Mairead McGuinness (Ireland, EPP)

My wish for 2016 is for the strength not to be overwhelmed by the many difficult issues facing us and to continue to fight for what is right, regardless of the obstacles. 

Rainer Wieland (Germany, EPP)

For 2016, I wish us all the strength and willingness to stand for Europe's virtues. Our European values oblige us to not only provide protection to war refugees and the politically persecuted, but also to firmly oppose firmly the perpetrators of violence who act under the cloak of their religion and to defend our approach to an open society. Together with all citizens we want to advocate freedom in Europe and the world.

Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso (Spain, EPP)

I wish that in the new year  the European Union can respond to its challenges and threats, improve growth, employment and the well-being of its citizens, as well as contribute to a better world, safer and more respectful to the environment. I wish you all the best for 2016.

Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz (Hungary, EPP)

We had to face several challenges in 2015. Although we hear critical voices concerning the future of the European Union, Europeans know that the challenges of our generation transcend national borders and that the major decisions shaping their lives are made at the EU level.

In 2016 my priorities are to strengthen the common internal market, create a citizen- and enterprise-friendly environment and increase prosperity for European citizens through supporting national policies. I will dedicate my work to protect the interests and rights of customers and citizens.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Adina Vălean (Romania, EPP)

After a difficult year that called into question some of the pillars of our European Union, I believe more than ever that it is time to restate our attachment to our common values of democracy, freedom and solidarity. The challenges we face are increasingly global. Only together and with these values anchored in our European identity, shall we be stronger and able to tackle them. Best wishes for 2016.

Sylvie Guillaume (France, S&D)

"Our country is sick, but together with our friends from across the world, we can and will cure it," said Dr Mukwege when he accepted the Sakharov Prize in Strasbourgo n 26 November 2014. This is also what I wish for Europe for this new year.  It is by rediscovering our values, based on solidarity between states and people, equality and liberty, that we will breathe new life into this fabulous project.

Ioan Mircea Pașcu (Romania, S&D)

We are looking forward to 2016 with hope for a better year for Europe and for all European citizens. I would like to thank all colleagues and the staff of the European Parliament for their hard work and dedication in advancing our common projects. We hope that the new year will bring peace, solidarity and understanding and will strengthen our Union both at home and in the world. Season's greetings and a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Anneli Jäätteenmäki (Finland, ALDE)

My wish would be that in 2016 the European Union could help bring peace to the world's different conflict zones. Stabilising the situation in these areas is the best way to fight terrorism. And tackling the root causes of terrorism is an investment for a safer Europe. We also need jobs and stable income for people. The people's general well-being is the key to a brighter future.

Ulrike Lunacek (Austria Greens/EFA)

The Syria negotiations are to be intensified in order to finally reach a ceasefire. In addition, I expect from the EU member states that refugees are treated in a humaen way and I hope for a sign of solidarity from those countries that have so far refused to.

The Brexit discussions should not lead to any treaty changes which would, for example, restrict the free movement of people. And as concerns the fight against terrorism, my wish is the following: do not let fear cloud our judgment!

Dimitris Papadimoulis (Greece, GUE/NGL)

If only one could wish something new every year. However, for 2016 I wish more peace, freedom and democracy for everyone, around the world. A year without wars, without misery for the weak, without injustice and inequality.

Our hopes and our wishes: 2016 to be better than the previous year. I wish the new year to find us all stronger and more humane.

Ryszard Czarnecki (Poland, ECR)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.