A debate on the future of Europe has been added to the agenda of today’s plenary session in view of the presentation of the European Commission its strategy paper on it. The debate starts shortly after the opening of the sitting with a presentation by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Parliament set out is vision for the future of the EU in three resolutions adopted on 16 February.

Parliament position

MEPs adopted three resolutions on the future of the EU during the February plenary. One of the resolutions looks at what improvements are already possible using the existing system, another considers what treaty changes might be needed for additional reforms, while the last one sets out how to bring the economies of countries that have adopted the euro closer together and make them more resilient.

Proposals in the resolutions include using the Council of Ministers as genuine second legislative chamber; appoint an EU finance minister and giving the Commission the power to formulate and carry out a common economic policy; and giving the euro zone its own budget.