MEPs have another busy week ahead of them 

Parliament has invited people from all over Europe to discuss the future of the European Union in the plenary chamber as part of its celebrations for the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The landmark agreement was signed 60 years ago this week, paving the way for the EU. The legal affairs committee also votes this week on new rules to make it easier for visually impaired people to access books and other print materials, while members of the justice committee debate the rule of law in Poland.

Clothing industry

The development committee votes Tuesday on rules to improve conditions for the millions of workers in the global textile and clothing industry. This could include checks throughout the supply chain as well as conditional trade preferences and clothes labels.

Treaty of Rome

On Tuesday Parliament will bring together 751 people  from all over the EU to discuss the future of the EU in the plenary chamber for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.In addition President Antonio Tajani and the leaders of the political groups will travel to Italy to participate in the celebrations there.


The civil liberties and justice committee discusses the situation of the rule of law in Poland with commissioner Frans Timmermans on Wednesday.

Books for the visually impaired

The legal affairs committee votes Thursday on new rules to facilitate access to books and other print materials for blind and visually impaired people.

Consumer rights

The internal market votes Tuesday on rules providing national authorities with additional powers to enforce consumer rights, for example by closing down websites that host scams. The goal is to tackle the most common practices harming online consumers, from abuse of online games for children to unfair contract terms for renting cars.