Discover the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg! 

Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Parliament buildings in Strasbourg on 14 May, meet MEPs, join a debate and even learn salsa.

This Sunday you enjoy the opprtunity to discover that the European Parliament is about more than procedures and documents when it opens its doors to the public in Strasbourg. You will have the chance to ask MEPs questions, join a debate on issues affecting Europe, and even learn some salsa. Every year the European institutions welcome guests to celebrate the 1950 speech by then French Foreign minister Robert Schuman which led to the creation of the EU.

Visitors can start their exploration of the Parliament in Strasbourg at 10.00 CET. Arte’s Annette Gerlach will moderate a debate between MEP’s and members of the public in the plenary chamber from 11.00 to 14.00. It will be up to the public, not politicians, to select the topics.

After the debate participants can go to to the nearby Council of Europe, which is joining the event for the first time. Although separate from the EU, it also aims to promote European values and uphold human rights. Many international and local institutions and non-governmental organisations will also participate including representatives from the city of Strasbourg, Amnesty International, and others.

Further down the road, guests can visit Lieu d’Europe, a centre for European civic education, which will host several workshops, dance classes and concerts. There will be more Europe-themed, cultural, musical and sports events along the way.