Parliament this week: asylum, glyphosate, Sakharov Prize 


MEPs will this week deal with refugees’ resettlement, food quality and the risks of glyphosate, as well as as announce this year's Sakharov Prize finalists.

Resettlement of refugees


On Thursday12 October the civil liberties committee votes on a proposal to provide people from outside the EU looking for asylum with safe ways to come here. The proposal sets common rules on the admission and transfer of people who have asked for protection in an EU country.


Energy efficiency of buildings


The industry committee votes Wednesday on plans requiring building in the EU to be highly energy-efficient and decarbonised by 2050.

According to new rules to be voted on in the Industry Committee on Wednesday (11/10), buildings in the EU must be highly energy-efficient by 2050.




On Wednesday the agriculture and environment committees organises a public hearing on the risk assessment of the herbicide glyphosate, for which EU approval is expiring in December. There are concerns that the substance could have the potential to cause cancer. However, several press reports claim Monsanto, the company which developed glyphosate, tried to influence the EU's assessment procedure.


Food quality


The internal market committee discusses on Wednesday ways to better implement EU food and consumer rules with representatives from the European Commission. Committee members also look into cases of food marketed with the same brand and packaging but with lower quality in some EU countries.


Sakharov Prize finalists


Members of the foreign affairs and development committees meet on Tuesday to decide this year’s finalists for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, which the Parliament awards to people and organisations campaigning for human rights. Find out more about the six nominees in our article.


Citizens Prize


On Wednesday the award ceremony of Parliament's Citizens Prize take place in Brussels, with 49 people and organisations from 26 EU countries being recognised for their projects and activities promoting closer integration and cooperation between people in the EU.