Parliament this week: EU budget, Paradise papers, court for investment disputes 


MEPs vote on the EU's budget for next year, discuss plans to establish a court to settle investment disputes and meet the journalists who revealed the Paradise papers.

On Wednesday MEPs debate the EU's budget for 2018. Parliament negotiators have provisionally agreed a draft budget with the Council, representing EU countries, but MEPs will still need to approve it. The vote takes place on 30 November.


MEPs also discuss on Wednesday proposals for establishing a new court to settle investment disputes. During the debate MEPs are expected to call on the European Commission to let such a court settle conflicts such as those in trade partnerships like TTIP and Ceta.


The energy committee votes Tuesday on two reports that are key part of proposals to boost clean energy in the EU. One of the reports deals with new requirements to promote energy savings and increase the share of the renewable sources. In addition committee members vote on a reform of energy efficiency rules to reduce costs for consumers and improve the security of supply.


Three journalists of the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism, which uncovered the Paradise papers, discuss tax evasion on Tuesday with the Parliament committee looking into money laundering and tax evasion. Commissioners Pierre Moscovici and Věra Jourová also take part in this public hearing.


On Tuesday members of the food safety committee could vote against legislation that would allow phosphates to be used in kebab meat, arguing there is no proven need for it.