Parliament this week: safer products, credit card fraud, pension savings 


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MEPs have another busy week ahead of them 

MEPs vote on new rules to improve the safety of products being sold in the EU, plans to combat fraud of non-cash payments and a proposal to enable you to use your pension savings abroad.

On Monday 3 September, the internal market committee votes on new legislation to make products being sold in the EU safer by making national market surveillance authorities cooperate better. Inspections have shown that a significant number of products, including toys and electronics, do not meet the EU’s safety or consumer information standards.

Meanwhile the civil liberties committee will be dealing with plans to combat fraud from non-cash payments, such as credit cards or mobile payments, on Monday. The idea is to update current rules by defining new online crimes, improving rights for cybercrime victims and expanding criminal justice cooperation.

On the same day the economic affairs committee votes on a proposal for a Pan-European Personal Pension Product that would allow people to also use their voluntary pension savings in other EU countries.

Karin Kadenbach, an Austrian member of the S&D group, will answer questions on antimicrobial resistance during a Facebook live session on Tuesday from 11.00 CET, ahead of a vote on the issue during the plenary session in Strasbourg later this month.