Coming up: State of the Union debate, copyright, Hungary 


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Jean-Claude Junker will give his last State of the Union speech during the upcoming plenary session. In addition MEPs vote on new copyright rules and debate the situation in Hungary.

Eight months before the next European elections take place in May 2019, MEPs will take stock of the Juncker Commission’s achievements as well as discuss how the EU should tackle future challenges.. The EU Commission President will kick off the debate in his fourth and last State of the Union speech on Wednesday at 09.00 CET. Follow it live online.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will attend a debate on the rule of law in Hungary on Tuesday, before MEPs vote the following day on a resolution on whether the EU should act to counter the risk of a serious breach of EU values. IT the resolution is adopted, it would be the first time that Parliament recommends activating Article 7. Check out our infographic about the procedure set up by Article 7.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be the ninth EU leader to debate the future of Europe with MEPs and Juncker on Tuesday from 9.00 CET.

MEPs will debate Parliament’s position on copyright rules for the digital age on Tuesday. The vote will be the following day.

On Tuesday MEPs will vote on plans to establish the EU Solidarity Corps, which will offer young people volunteering opportunities.

On Thursday, MEPs will vote on an own initiative report on food and other products being sold to a lower quality standard in some EU countries. Parliament is now asking for several measures to tackle this problem.


The environment committee votes Monday on new legislation setting stricter CO2 emission limits for new cars and vans as well as on plans to update of  the EU's drinking water directive with new quality criteria for tap water to help cut the consumption of bottled water and plastic waste.