Europe on your smartphone: explore EU present and future with our mobile app 


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The Citizens' App, developed by Parliament, provides insight into how the EU shapes our daily lives and encourages you to get involved in its future.

What Europe means in practice

The Citizens’ App presents a wealth of information on the EU's impact on various aspects of our lives. Are you an organic farmer? Do you practice sports outdoors? Would you like to do some volunteering? There are important ways in which EU rules make things easier for you and this app will show you how.

Another section looks at what the EU is doing in regions across Europe. Regardlesss of where you live, you canalways find projects improving the quality of life supported by the EU.

Make your mark

The app also looks to the future with research papers on issues such as climate change, cyber defence and foreign relations, which explain trends that will transform our societies in the coming years.

But in the end, the EU is all about what you make of it and that is why the app helps you to find initiatives of interest to you in your area and updates you on their progress. You can bookmark, share events with friends and rate them. Get involved, meet people who share your passions or concerns and help create a better Europe!

The app is available in all of the EU's official 24 languages. Download it for free from the Apple App store or Google Play.