Plenary highlights: copyright, single-use plastic, consumer rights 


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Updated EU copyright rules and a ban on single-use plastics were approved during this week's plenary session. MEPs also voted in favour of boosting consumer rights.

Parliament approved a ban on certain single-use plastics, such as plates and cutlery on Wednesday.

MEPs voted in favour of updating EU copyright rules for the internet on Tuesday to ensure the same rules apply online as offline.

On Wednesday, members backed plans to curb CO2 emissions from cars and vans.

Proposals to improve drinking water quality to encourage more people to drink tap water rather than bottled water were approved on Thursday.

Parliament backed a proposal to scrap seasonal clock changes from 2021 on Tuesday, calling on EU countries to coordinate their decisions on whether to use permanent summertime or wintertime.

On the same day, MEPs approved new rules to boost electricity consumer rights, making it easier to switch supplier, get a smart meter and compare prices.

Consumers buying online or in a local store, or downloading apps and games, will be better protected if a product is faulty as a result of new rules adopted by Parliament on Tuesday.

On Thursday, Parliament called for tripling the Erasmus+ budget for 2021-2027, allowing more young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, to take part.

Workers in the battery industry, smelting plants and other sectors will better protected thanks to stricter limits on cancer-causing substances adopted by MEPs on Wednesday.

On Tuesday members also adopted recommendations to step up the fight against financial crimes and tax evasion, including a proposal for a European financial police force.