Discover the history of Europe in Parliament’s timeline 


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What do you know about the history of Europe and the European Parliament? Find out all the essential facts in our interactive timeline.

The European Parliament, the only directly elected EU body, is an integral part of the European project. It has undergone a gradual but deep transformation from a consultative body with few formal powers to a co-legislator on an equal footing with the Council of the EU, representing the member states.

Delve into our interactive timeline to find out all you need to know about the long journey of the institution set up in 1952 and originally known as the Common Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community.

The timeline also shows how the European Union has expanded over the years to bring together a once-divided continent, including the rise in the number of member countries from six to 28, following the addition of Croatia in 2013.

Browse through the years and discover through short texts, photos and videos how the European Parliament has evolved and brought about changes that benefit our everyday lives.