Data protection: Keeping your privacy 


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How safe is your data online? 

New technologies allow us to stay connected on the run and to keep in touch with our friends, but they also pose new threats to our privacy. Since 2012 MEPs have been working on an overhaul of EU data protection legislation to ensure people stay in control of their personal information in the digital world. MEPs formally approved the package in April 2016.

Current EU legislation dates from 1995 and needed updating to keep pace with technological change. In 2012 the European Commission proposed a new regulation on a single set of rules for all data collected online to ensure they are kept safe and also to provide businesses with a clear framework for processing them.

Negotiations between Parliament, the European Commission and the national governments in the Council started in June 2015 and a provisional agreement was reached on 15 December 2015. MEPs formally approved the legislation in April 2016.

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