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Lux 2014 TST intro picture_        

The European Parliament celebrates the richness and diversity of European cinema with its annual LUX film Prize, which it awards every year to an exceptional film.This year Ida, a story of a young women looking for her identity, won the award. President Martin Schulz congratulated Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski during the plenary session on 17 December.

Paweł Pawlikowski receives the Lux prize for his film "Ida"        
Press Releases 

Press Releases 

On Wednesday at noon President Schulz announced the winner of the European Parliament's 2014 LUX Prize for cinema at a ceremony in the Chamber. "Ida" is the story of a young women looking for her identity, an emotional individual story superimposed over the painful past of Europe.


The moment has finally arrived! On Wednesday 17 December the winner of the 2014 Lux Prize - which the Parliament awards each year to films promoting European cinematography, values and social issues - will be revealed. Will it be Class Enemy (Razredni sovražnik) from Slovenia, Girlhood (Bande de filles) from France or Polish/Danish co-production Ida? Find out the answer by following the award ceremony live on our website.

I wouldn't be making films if I had a message, I would be writing books. Film is a dialogue with yourself.

Paweł Pawlikowski 

Winner of Lux Prize 2014

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Interview with Lux Film Prize 2014 Director Paweł Pawlikowski        

Parliament's 2014 Lux Prize was awarded to the Polish/Danish film Ida, directed by Paweł Pawlikowski. It is a story about a young novice nun, who meets her aunt and goes on a road trip to discover the dark secrets of her past. We talked to the director after the award ceremony to ask him about the film, its success and what he thinks about European cinema.

Céline Sciamma, Pawel Pawlikowski and Rok Biček        

From paradoxes to questions of identity, anything can inspire a cinematic adventure. Although the winner of this year's Lux Film Prize won't be announced until 17 December, we have already talked to the directors of the three short-listed films to find out more about their work. Read on for a look behind the scenes.

Click on the interactive map to find out where you can watch the three finalists.        

Silver screen enthusiasts can look forward to watching the three films short-listed for the 2014 Lux Prize for free in a cinema nearby. The European Parliament awards the prize every year to promote European cinema, but before this year's winner is announced in December, you will have the chance to watch the three finalists yourself and vote for your favourite during the Lux Film Days, which this year boasts 165 screenings at film festivals as well as special screenings and events.

EP 2013 LUX Film Prize winner  Felix van Groeningen        

One event can make the difference between endless happiness and deepest sorrow. How the two often mix and overlap in magical ways is shown in "The Broken Circle Breakdown", a love story about a Belgian couple coping with the loss of their child. The film directed by Felix van Groeningen won the Parliament's 2013 LUX Prize. Following the award ceremony, we talked to the director about the film's success, the LUX Prize and the importance of music.


LUX film prize 2014 Finalists - from top: Class enemy (Razredni sovražnik) by Rok Biček, Girlhood (Bande de filles) by Céline Sciamma, Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski_        

The three films competing for this year’s Lux Prize have been announced: Class Enemy (Razredni sovražnik) from Slovenia, Girlhood (Bande de filles) from France and Polish/Danish co-production Ida will all be competing for the European Parliament's annual firlm award. The finalists will be subtitled into the EU's official 24 languages and be screened in all 28 member states during the LUX Film Days this autumn. The winner will be chosen by MEPs and announced on 17 December.

Andrea Segre has won the 2012 LUX Prize with his film Io Sono Li        

Its moving love story set in the Venetian Lagoon earned Io Sono Li the European Parliament's 2012 LUX Prize. But it's more than just a romance: the tale about Chinese migration also acts as a mirror to Italian society. Director Andrea Segre reveals to us the film's message and its influences.

Lux Prize 10 movies selection        

Ten films, 28 countries, one prize. Every year the European Parliament awards the LUX prize to the best European film. The contenders for this year's prize have been announced at the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic. Read on to discover which films have are included in this year’s selection. The three finalists will be announced at the end of July.