Shipshape: MEPs approve new safety standards for passenger ships 


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EU waters rank among the safest in the world, but as there is always room for improvement MEPs have approved an update of existing rules.

MEPs approved the new rules on 4 October, which enables passenger data on ships operating in the EU to be sent to national authorities within 15 minutes of departure. This will facilitate rescue in the case of an emergency, as well as let families know if their relatives are on board.


Safety is key in transport, so strict rules have been developed over time. Nowadays, with the existing regulation in place, top safety levels have already been reached, but many rules overlap, are unclear or not up to date. With the new updated regulation, rules and technical standards will be simplified and clarified to enhance both safety and efficiency.

Text was published on 28 September and updated on 4 October to include the result of the vote.