On the agenda: tax leaks, corporate taxation, VAT reform 


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The Parliament is working to establish a fair and transparent European tax system.

Find out the facts in our infographic 

EU countries should do more to clamp down on tax evasion, tax avoidance and money laundering, says Parliament in its recommendations based on the work of the Panama papers inquiry committee.


A report from December 2015 lists Parliament’s demands to fight aggressive corporate tax planning.


In addition, Parliament’s two special committees on tax rulings assessed allegations that some EU countries are using special tax regimes to favour large corporations. The first special committee on tax rulings finalised its recommendations in November 2015 and the second one got its final report approved during the July 2016 plenary.


MEPs are also working on plans to fight VAT fraud and update existing VAT rules. Because of fraud and failure to collect VAT, member states lose up to €170 billion every year.


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About the infographic


Our infographic above shows the income from direct and indirect taxes for each member state as well as total tax revenue as a percentage of the gross domestic product. The latter is divided between taxes on capital, consumption and labour. In addition our map shows how wealthy countries are.