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Better protection for children online        

Children are at risk of coming across videos containing violence or hate speech when online. The culture committee proposed several measures to better protect them when it adopted its position on a proposed update of the audiovisual media services directives on 25 April. But do you know how much time children spend online or the best way to protect them from harmful content? Watch our video to find out.

Critical e-privacy vulnerability concept ©AP Images/European Union-EP        

The EU could soon have new privacy rules to take account of new practices such as internet-based messaging and allow users better control of their privacy settings, especially when it comes to cookies. Parliament's civil liberties committee discussed the plans by the European Commission on 11 April. Marju Lauristin, the MEP responsible for steering the rules through Parliament, said that if companies providing communication services wanted to be trusted they needed to ensure confidentiality.

LIBE committee        

Only days after the terrorist attack in London the civil liberties committee discussed the EU's security situation with German Interior Minister Interior Thomas de Maizière and his French counterpart Matthias Fekl debated on 27 March. Both ministers spoke about the need to secure the EU's external borders, to better share information between EU countries and to address the new challenges of radicalisation and terrorism.

infographic illustration on benefits of closer cooperationon defence at EU level        

EU countries could achieve more on defence by pooling resources and coordinating their planning. Billions of euros are wasted every year due to duplication, overcapacity and barriers to procurement. MEPs adopted a report on it in plenary on 16 March. Defence cooperation is becoming more important because of increasing security challenges in Europe and the US pushing its European partners to invest more in defence.