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Copyright laws need to keep up with technological developments in order for the online single market to deliver new services and easy access to content as well as create new growth opportunities. The legal affairs and culture committees discuss the future development of copyright at a hearing on 11 November with academics, representatives of content creators and distributors and European Commission experts. Follow the meeting live on our website from 15.30 CET.

New Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has announced that within the first six months of his mandate, he will take steps to modernise copyright rules “in the light of the digital revolution and changed consumer behaviour”.

The Commission held a public consultation from December 2013 to March 2014, which generated more than 9,500 replies from users, authors, publishers and other stakeholders.

The main issues revolve around how to promote innovation and reward content creators without obstructing the development of a common market.

In February 2014, the EP adopted new rules on music copyright making it easier for online providers to get licences to stream music in more than one EU country.

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