Live: members to debate new EU-wide anti-terrorism measures 

A passport being scanned during a border control check at an airport ©BELGA_ZUMAPRESS 

The recent attacks in Paris have led member states and EU institutions to re-evaluate their security policy and propose new initiatives to step up the fight against terrorism. This afternoon in plenary MEPs and home affairs commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos debate anti-terrorism measures; including tackling radicalisation, the supply of illegal firearms, the European Agenda on Security for 2015-2020, and EU Passenger Name Record proposals. Follow the debate live on this website from 15.00 CET.

Today's debate on anti-terrorism measures takes place ahead of the informal meeting of justice and home affairs ministers in Riga on 29 January. During the debate in plenary, members are set to discuss proposals for an EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) as well as the European Agenda on Security for 2015-2020.

The PNR proposal which is currently under discussion in Parliament would oblige airlines to hand EU countries the data of passengers entering or leaving the EU, in order to help the authorities to fight serious crime and terrorism.

The European Agenda on Security for 2015-2020 which the European Commission is due to present in the coming months and is expected to address many of the issues raised at a meeting of home affairs ministers on 11 January. The strategy will identify measures to prevent radicalisation, step up the fight against terrorism financing, improve information sharing, and reduce the supply of illegal firearms. In a resolution passed by the Parliament in December 2014 MEPs said that the new Internal Security Strategy should be "easily adaptable to evolving situations", with an EU-wide joint approach to tackle foreign fighters, cyber-security, human trafficking, organised crime, money laundering and corruption.

Follow the debate live on our website, on 28 January from 15.00 CET.