Facebook Live: Artis Pabriks answers your questions on reinforcing the EU's borders 

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The EU's external borders could soon be reinforced under new proposals to be voted on in Parliament this week. The proposal foresees the creation of an EU border and coast guard and a stronger role for EU border agency Frontex in returning migrants to their countries. You have the chance to find out more about it in our Facebook Live session this Wednesday with Parliament's lead negotiator Artis Pabriks. Read more on how to ask your questions and join us on Wednesday!

Reinforcing the EU's external borders

Under the plans Frontex would be given additional powers, enabling it to set up a European border and coast guard, to play a stronger role in returning migrants to their countries of origin and to improve the EU's internal security, especially through combatting terrorism.

The idea is to restore the passport-free Schengen area. Frontex's role would be to help EU countries to manage their borders and offer direction intervention and assistance when needed. Should a threat to the Schengen area emerge and the EU country in question not comply with a Council decision, then the other member states have the right to reimpose border checks.

Frontex would also have to regularly report back to the Parliament and give MEPs access to information. The Parliament would also play a larger role in the selection procedure for the agency's executive director.

The vote taking place this week

The proposal would have to be approved by both the Parliament and the Council before it can enter into force. Following negotiations, the two institutions reached a provisional deal, which will still need to be formally confirmed.

Parliament's civil liberties committee votes on it on Monday 4 July. MEPs debate it during the plenary session on Tuesday and vote on it the following day.

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