Traineeships / Internships in the European Parliament 


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Italian Roberta (top) and Belgian trainee Chiara are currently at the European Parliament: "To become a trainee at the EP is a nice way to get to deeply in touch with the EU". 

Ever wondered what European Parliament hides behind the mass of legislative decisions, Plenary sessions and enormous buildings? Ever wished to get a grip on how the EP real works? Parliament offers paid and unpaid traineeships that you can now apply for before 15 October.

Every year the European Parliaments offers paid and unpaid traineeships to provide opportunities for young people to learn how it works and familiarize themselves with its activities. The traineeships range from general option to journalism, translation and interpretation. The paid traineeships - "Schuman Scholarships" are 5 months long and they are open to all University graduates twice a year. The deadline for applications in the next March round is the middle of October.

Apply now!

Before beginning your application, take a few minutes to read the internal rules governing traineeship. In order to apply for a traineeship in the Parliament which starts in March, complete the online application form which you can find on this official website and submit it no later than 15 October!