Smoking: can new rules help to stub out a nasty habit? 

Find out how big a problem smoking is in Europe 

Smokers have so proved resilient to anti-smoking campaigns. Showing pictures of cancer-infected lungs on cigarette packs accompanied by bold warnings have not led to droves of people giving up on their cancer sticks. However, the EU is not giving up. In order to bring down the alarmingly high rate of European smokers, new legislation is being planned. Follow the EP's public hearing on tobacco products Monday and check out our infographic for more details about smoking in the EU.

What would make you give up? 

Today more than a quarter of Europeans smoke and almost all of them started before 25 and continue despite the well-known health risks. The European Commission is now proposing new rules to help discourage smoking. The proposal contains new labelling and marketing rules, restrictions for sale and cross-border distribution and would also apply to new nicotine products.

The EP's public health committee is holding a public hearing on the proposed directive on Monday 25 February from 15.00 to 18.30 CET. Watch the live streaming of the discussion and check out our infographic for more on the proposal.