Employment: solutions for the future  

It can be difficult to find a job in Europe today ©BELGA/ImageGlobe/J.Hamers 

Why is it so hard to find a job? With more than 26 million Europeans out of work, unemployment is one of the biggest issues that Europe is facing today. New approaches are needed and many were discussed at the ReACT conference organised by Parliament in Paris on 15 October.

Young, promising and out of work

Young people are twice as likely as adults to be unemployed and the chance of finding a job is low. Many young Europeans have even given up on finding work due to the challenges they face. Jobs are usually only temporary or beneath their education level, national education systems often don't meet companies' needs and it can be difficult to work or train abroad.

New initiatives

The European Union would like to see 75% of people between 20 and 64 in employment and to achieve this it has developed different initiatives:

  • The youth guarantee
  • A standard framework to ensure the quality of traineeships
  • The Erasmus exchange programme
  • Language learning
  • Recognition of professional qualifications

The European Parliament launched the firs ReAct event in Paris on 15 October to discuss possible ways for creating employment. It is the first in a series of five interactive conferences taking place in different European cities with experts sharing their ideas for tackling the challenges we face.